YASA and the 1500 bhp Koenigsegg Regera

10 March 2015

YASA powers record breaking hypercar.

Press Release: 6 March 2015. 

YASA Motors’ world leading power and torque density electric motors have been exploited to optimal effect in the latest sensational car from the Koenigsegg stable. Unveiled last week at the Geneva Motor Show, the stunning Koenigsegg Regera uses three YASA motors and, according to Koenigsegg, delivers the fastest accelerating, most powerful production car ever.

The Regera uses two direct drive YASA 750 motors delivering 1600Nm/360kW on the rear axle for traction, and a single engine speed YASA 400 Motor Generator Unit delivering 350Nm/160kW of electrical power generation, torque gap filling and starter motor functionality.

The use of three YASA motors in the Regera represent the most powerful hybrid electric design seen in a production car, providing up to 700bhp whilst significantly reducing vehicle weight.

YASA Motors CEO, Chris Harris commented: “This is another great example of how YASA motors enable stronger hybrid capability in space & weight constrained powertrains. We see this vital end user benefit not just in passenger and performance vehicles but also in industrial and commercial vehicles. YASA is proud to be working with Koeningsegg on this exciting vehicle.”

Koeningsegg CEO, Christian van Koenigsegg commented: “YASA´s motors are extremely power dense, making them the key-ingredient for the direct drive system. The torque capability of the YASA motors combined with our world-leading engineering expertise has given the Regera an acceleration capability that is second to none”.


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