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A message from our Chairman Konstantin Neiss.

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Konstantin Neiss
In July 2021 Mercedes-Benz AG announced the acquisition of YASA Ltd in Oxford, UK.

What started as conversation on the supply of groundbreaking axial flux EV motors for the next generation of all-electric AMG performance models, quickly became a meeting of minds, built on a shared commitment to engineering excellence, innovation, and the shaping of performance EV’s for the fast-developing electric age.

Much has taken place in the 2 years since acquisition. Investment in the UK has helped YASA double the size of its Design, Development, Testing and Manufacturing teams.

A completely new development line has been put in place in Oxfordshire, focusing on the work required to take manufacturing capability from 10’s of thousands to 100’s of thousands, whilst increasing the performance of the motors themselves. 

This investment ethos is being matched in Germany, with a refitting of one of the oldest Mercedes-Benz plants, in Berlin, to be focused on the mass production of YASA powertrains for future Mercedes-Benz models.
mercedes benz vision one eleven with exploded axial motor
In June 2023, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Vision One-Eleven concept, a fully electric vehicle that pays homage to the groundbreaking C111 of the 1970s

Like its predecessor, the Vision One-Eleven demonstrates technologies that will be found in Mercedes-Benz vehicles as we move to the end of the decade. Central to this was the inclusion of YASA axial flux motors, demonstrating how the technology could be implemented in the future.
This is the first time in my 25 years with Mercedes-Benz that a propulsion technology was given such focus and alongside a concept vehicle, and it received excellent reviews.

The Mercedes Vision One-Eleven demonstrates that there are exciting opportunities ahead, not least due to the fact that the YASA axial flux motors are already a third of the weight and volume, but crucially also deliver twice as much torque compared with the best radial flux EV motor technology available today. 
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Journalist Ricky Roy, of Two Bit da Vinci and The Fully Charged Show, explains the YASA axial flux motor at the launch of the Mercedes Vision One-Eleven

So from an engineering perspective we could easily imagine it becoming part of the wheel design, given it’s small and light enough not to effect total unsprung mass which is critical for exciting driving dynamics of future EV’s.

These lighter motors bring further advantages because the motors in regenerative systems can also perform the braking function, so we can remove the need for traditional brake systems, and as you also remove driveshaft weight when placing the motors into the wheels, you gain significant weight savings on the overall vehicle architecture (great for improved range), as well as gaining very useful space in the centre of the vehicle ideal for either additional batteries (more range) or you can use it simply for more space for the driver and passengers.

This is just one part of the exciting innovation road ahead for Mercedes-Benz AMG and YASA together.

Further investment in new production facilities in Oxford will help us maintain & enhance our existing customer manufacturing capability in the UK, continuing our supply of electric motors to Ferrari and others for years to come, as well as enabling us to deliver exciting new product innovations which remain a core element of YASA’s long term profitable future within the Mercedes-Benz group.

A future I am personally excited to be able to lead.

Konstantin Neiss,

YASA Ltd. - Chairman
Mercedes-Benz AG - Director of Electric Drive System & Center of Competence of Electric Drive Units

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