The YASA Axial Flux technology is driving a revolution in car design.

3 June 2024

Last month WIRED magazine’s Ben Oliver spoke to our founder & CTO Tim Woolmer, to get the low down on our revolutionary electric motors and how Mercedes Benz are ramping up production capacity to bring this groundbreaking technology to it's AMG series.

Compared to a radial flux motor, which have powered most EV's up until now, the Axial Flux motor is smaller & lighter, so has the potential to be fitted in-wheel, freeing up space for more batteries or people, or even completely changing future EV design.

Tim Woolmer says:

"They thank you in automotive for saving weight, but it's not a game changer. But there is an inflection point where the motors become small and light enough that you can start to place them near the wheels, free up all that space, and drive new architectures."

The UK government has backed YASA's in-wheel motor project with £21.2 million ($26.5 million) of funding from its Advanced Propulsion Centre last September.

The YASA motors already feature in a series of production hybrid supercars, including the Ferrari SF90 & 296GTB, and the Lamborghini's Revuelto , which uses 2 YASA motors on the front axle to assist its V12.

The acquisition of YASA by Mercedes Benz in 2021 means Axial Flux motors will be produced for AMG at scale, with the building of a new production facility in Berlin. In addition, YASA has the capacity to produce 70000 motors from its 2 plants near Oxford and has recently announced a new HQ at Bicester Motion, due to be completed in 2026


Read the full article on WIRED here:

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