“YASA’s revolutionary electric motor is set for big things”

– Tech Crunch

Following the acquisition of YASA by Mercedes, our founder and CTO, Tim Woolmer, has met with Tech Crunch to discuss how his invention, the axial flux motor, could be a mobility game-changer.

"YASA’s axial-flux electric motors generated EV industry interest because of their efficiency, high power density, small size, and low weight.

By contrast, the ‘radial’ electric motor design is more common in today’s EV market. Even Tesla relies on radial electric motors, a legacy technology more than 40 years old with very little left to give in terms of innovation.

But YASA’s axial-flux design, which has very thin segments, means they can be combined into powerful single drive units. This makes them one-third the weight of other electric motors, more efficient, and with 3x higher power densities than Tesla."

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