A message from our CEO, Chris Harris on YASA’s acquisition by Mercedes-Benz

22 July 2021

Today marks an exciting moment in YASA’s history.

Since our foundation in 2009, we’ve always been pioneers in next-generation electric drive technology. Now, as part of Mercedes-Benz, we’re going to redefine the future of driving performance.

Working with Mercedes-Benz since 2019, it was always clear that we shared the same commitment to engineering excellence, innovation and reshaping mobility for the electric age.

Electric motors are a fast developing area of technology where innovation and expertise drive performance and differentiation.

YASA’s proprietary axial-flux electric motor technology is a step-change from the legacy radial technology on which most of the electric vehicle market still depends, and our motors deliver the greatest efficiencies and highest power densities in class for the smallest possible size and weight.

Operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz, with our own brand, team and facilities, YASA will help to develop pioneering best-in-class electric drive innovations to give Mercedes-Benz exceptional performance in a new electric era.

The YASA team, all 250 of us, will continue to operate from our HQ and production facility in Oxford, UK and our innovation facility in Welshpool, Wales.

We’ll provide electric motors for Mercedes-Benz’s AMG.EA electric-only platform, while acting as an innovation partner pioneering new electric drive technology for the wider Group and also continuing to supply our existing automotive supercar customers.

This acquisition is tremendously exciting because it gives YASA technology the global scale and reach of Mercedes-Benz.

Together, we have the opportunity to make YASA the premier mark of excellence in electric motor technology, accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and resetting the bar for electric driving experiences.


To read the full press release, visit: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210722005414/en/Electric-Motor-Technology-Company-YASA-Acquired-by-Mercedes-Benz

To re-watch the Mercedes-Benz announcement, visit: https://media.mercedes-benz.com/mbsu

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