Autocar: YASA, I can boogie

19 May 2022

“Weight down, size down, cost down, efficiency up”

- Steve Cropley, Autocar

How UK Tech is driving the EV revolution.
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Source: Autocar
Earlier this year the YASA team met with Steve Cropley, Editor-in-Chief of Autocar magazine to give him the tour of our manufacturing and engineering facility in Oxford, explaining where YASA began and how our break-through Axial-Flux technology provides significant performance and efficiency benefits over existing EV propulsion systems, and how the unique design is now scaling to mass production following the acquisition by Mercedes-Benz last year.

The Y.A.S.A (Yokeless And Segmented Armature) electric motor is a disc-shaped layout, that is more efficient and much lighter than Radial-Flux technology, leading to it’s revolutionary power to weight ratio enabling 480bhp from a 24kg motor. YASA’s electric propulsion hardware & software represents the first buildable automotive Axial-Flux product where the technology is proven to be scalable to commercial volume.
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Check out the full article in May 18th edition of Autocar, page 48-51, or read online here.

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