EVOA Propulsion launches the E1 Electrified Performance System, powered by YASA Axial Flux Motors

15 February 2023

EVOA Propulsion, a performance driven brand, born from Formula E technology and decades of marine industry experience, is pleased to announce the debut of their all-new E1 Electrified Performance System.

Utilising the YASA Axial Flux Motor, paired with state-of-the-art components, proprietary ECOFLUX software and industry leading 800V architecture, the EVOA E1 system provides an unprecedented on-water experience.

A revolution in electrified marine propulsion, the E1 System delivers more performance, efficiency and versatility compared to rival systems.

Through the high torque densities, provided by the YASA Axial Flux Motors and coupled with high-energy density batteries, the E1 System achieves quicker time to plane, solid throttle response and high-top speeds, setting the standard for high performance marine electric propulsion.

clean v drive side view with e1 logoresize

“It is a rare opportunity to introduce a ground-breaking propulsion system, like the E1 Electrified performance system, into a premium segment of the marine market; especially in an environment like the boating industry who has their eyes wide open to what’s coming in HV electrification”,

Mike Anderson, founder and managing partner of EVOA Propulsion, LLC.

“The research for electric motors that met the performance torque and power density requirements revealed one clear power choice. YASA’s liquid cooled P400 not only met the performance criteria, but it also exceeded our expectations regarding packaging and scalability. The small, lightweight motor coupled with our high output batteries, fit perfectly into our project planning, and allowed us to look beyond our original concept.”

Ray Jesewitz, Systems Design/Co-Founder.

The E1 Electrified Performance System was launched on the 15th February 2023 at the Miami Boat Show. To find out more visit the Evoa Propulsion Website.

Alongside the launch of the E1, and in collaboration with EVOA Propulsion,  Chris-Craft unveiled it’s first, zero emission, all-electric concept boat – the Launch 25 GTe, powered by the EVOA E1 Electrified Performance System. Click here for more info on this exciting concept.

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