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The Spirit Of Innovation is the World’s Fastest Electric Plane.

The zero-emission aircraft achieved a new world record for all-electric flight of 345.4mph in November 2021
This ground-breaking, fixed wing plane, built and developed by Rolls Royce, is powered by YASA Motors. 

The aircraft uses a 400kW electric powertrain – the equivalent of a 535 BHP supercar

The speed achieved by test pilot and Rolls-Royce Director of Flight Operations Phill O’Dell in the ‘Spirit of Innovation’ was more than 213.04 km/h (132 mph) faster than the previous record set by the Siemens eAircraft powered Extra 330 LE Aerobatic aircraft in 2017.
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Each of the three motors powering the Spirit of Innovation provides 790Nm of peak torque, 200kW peak power. All within an individual axial length of just 98mm. 

The motor design has been customised to make installation easier and enhance the motors’ mechanical strength and rigidity 

The three motors enable the plane’s propellers to continuously deliver more than 500hp and the blades to spin at a low enough RPM for a stable and almost silent ride, while allowing the aircraft to reach speeds of 300 miles per hour. All this, with greater than 97% energy efficiencies and zero emissions.
Never in the history of the FAI record attempts has there been such a significant increase in speed over such a short time, highlighting the rapid pace at which electrification of aerospace is advancing.

"To break the world record by 132 mph is pretty astonishing"  Dr Tim Woolmer, Founder & CTO YASA

Watch the full story below and find out more about The Power Of Electric Flight at evolito.aero
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