The Ferrari 296 GTB – A Revolutionary Hybrid Supercar

The 296 GTB introduces the new 120° V6 engine coupled with a plug-in (PHEV) YASA Axial Flux Electric Motor capable of delivering up to 830 cv (or 819 bhp).
This is the first Ferrari road car with rear-wheel drive plug-in (PHEV) hybrid architecture, which sees the internal combustion engine integrated with a rear YASA Axial Flux Motor

The two power units communicate through the TMA actuator, which allows them to be used together or just with the electric motor. The electric motor boosts the maximum power of the 296 GTB to a category-topping 830 cv, which increases the car’s usability in everyday driving and driving fun, thanks to the instant throttle response.
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The Powertrain

The 296 GTB’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 unit produces 654bhp, which is equivalent to 218bhp per litre. 

The V6 is coupled to a YASA Axial Flux Electric Motor, mounted at the rear, which produces 164bhp to take the system’s combined output to 819bhp. 

The 296 GTB can be driven on electric power alone, courtesy of its underfloor 7.45kWh battery.
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