Lola -Drayson B12/69EV – A Record Breaking Electric Race Car

A modified Le Mans Racing Car breaks the land speed record.

In June 2013, Lola-Drayson’s B12/69EV electric racing car featured inductive charging, composite battery power, moveable aerodynamics, electrical regenerative damping and most importantly 4 YASA 750 Axial Flux Motors, delivering over 850hp and over 4000nm of torque.

This technology and power resulted in a new land speed record for vehicles under 1000kg, with a speed of over 204mph, at RAF Elvington in Yorkshire. The previous record of 175mph had stood for nearly forty years.

The powertrain consists of 4 YASA-750 motors, each delivering up to 160kW. The system replaces the powertrain of a conventional internal combustion powered vehicle and is extremely small and lightweight – each motor is just 7 litres in volume and 25kg in weight. 

The vehicle has also set a number of other records, including the fastest EV times at Goodwood in 2012 and 2013 (the vehicle was 3rd fastest overall in 2013).