The 1 by Curtiss: Forever Motoring

Featuring the YASA P400 at it’s heart, The Curtiss 1 is the future of motorcycling.
The Curtiss 1 is a hand-built, bespoke piece of rolling artwork, designed by the Curtiss team, in Louisiana, whose founder Glenn Hammond Curtiss, began manufacturing motorcycles in 1902, inventing the iconic all-American v-twin. 

120 years later, The 1 by Curtiss honour’s Glenn’s historic, lasting legacy, inventing the icon for electric transportation. At it’s core is a YASA P400 Axial Flux Motor, which provides up to 159 kW (217 hp) of power & torque up to 200 Nm (147.5 ft-lb)
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Axis Centred Design

The 1’s Axis-Centered Design (ACD) eliminates weak conventional swingarm pivot design, providing strength and longevity. 

This Innovation allows the YASA motor to be placed directly on the vertical plane of the rider and facilitates the rear suspension to pivot coaxially at this centered point. 

This proprietary system provides the most balanced operation ever created on two wheels, which enhances rider confidence and motorcycle fidelity.
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