The future of performance electric vehicle propulsion

Introducing YASA Axial Flux Motor:

An ultra-high performance electric vehicle motor capable of moving you faster and further due to it’s revolutionary topology, unmatched weight, size and power / torque densities.

A Revolution in EV Motor Technology

The Electric Vehicle Industry relies on radial electric motors, which are based on legacy technology that’s decades old. 

YASA axial flux technology has been pushing the performance EV revolution for over 10 years 

Now, as part of Mercedes Benz, YASA Motors bring up to 4 X more torque and double the power densities of current technologies used in nearly all Electric Vehicles, whilst being 50% lighter and 20% of the depth of a typical radial machine.
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Dr. Tim Woolmer and the fascinating story of a technology born out of Oxford University.
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Increased Opportunities for Driver and Designer

The YASA axial flux motor provides the performance driver with an unmatched electric driving experience. Possible due to it’s unique engineering characteristics, opening up a new world of potential for vehicle designers.

More power dense than the competition

No matter what the road brings, when you drive you want to know that you can handle any situation….quickly. 

You can rely on the YASA axial flux motors to give you up to an 
The YASA motor topology also removes the stator yoke, which reduces the stator iron mass by up to 80%, meaning YASA motors are 2-3x the power density of non axial machines.

Unrivalled torque density

Incredible EV acceleration starts with Torque.

All electric motors, with no gearbox, have 100% of their torque instantly vs internal combustion engine vehicles that require multiple gears. YASA axial flux takes this to the next level.
Torque is Force x Radius, so the increased radius of an axial machine immediately increases the figure. 

Something not possible within the heavyweight confines of a radial machine. Coupled with much shorter, optimised copper windings, the result is an electric motor that delivers up to 800nM, or 4x the Torque Density of other EV motors.
  • YASA Axial Flux Motor
  • YASA Axial Flux Motor

Endlessly repeatable performance

Similar to standard brakes compared to vented discs, a radial flux motor can only be driven hard so many times. As the windings get hot, electromagnetic resistance increases, reducing available power.
The YASA axial flux motors benefit from much shorter windings and direct oil cooling which gives an unparalleled performance proposition. 

A 200kW peak-power radial motor, run continuously, might typically give 50% of peak power between 80 and 100kW, as a result of thermal limitations. In contrast, a 200kW YASA motor runs continuously at 150kW thanks to the improved high-thermal-contact cooling that oil offers.
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50% smaller

We understand that space is a premium in vehicle design and development. Ideas are limited by what’s possible in a confined space. Potential is framed in the confines of the existing space available. 

YASA axial flux motor takes 50% less volumetric space than the radial equivalent. This space saving allows designers and developers new possibilities. New possibilities YASA are already exploring.
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50% less weight

Reducing weight is crucial for Electric Vehicles. 

1) YASA decreases the weight of motors in an EV, providing manufacturers the opportunity to achieve 5-10% greater efficiency and range versus a radial machine. 

2) Maintaining the range instead provides opportunity for a reduction in battery size, lowering weight further.

3) Reduced vehicle mass therefore means smaller/lighter brakes, again increasing range.

4) All these changes require reduced associated systems, resulting in further efficiency improvements
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Reduced complexity and materials

Simplicity can be beautifully efficient. Compared to the complex, multiple slot windings of conventional motors, YASA motor’s segmented armature lends itself to low-cost, serial production. 

Our motor efficiency is not limited to its performance capability. The YASA axial flux approach uses less material such as copper, iron and permanent magnet, than conventional e-motors, resulting in a significantly lower material cost and a more environmentally-sustainable product.
  • YASA Axial Flux Motor
  • YASA Axial Flux Motor
The history & science behind a totally new & innovative electric motor technology.
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